Hi, I am Jessye, and my passions in life are food & traveling.  I am a writer and a cook, living in the small town of Boerne, Texas, just outside of San Antonio in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

I have lived all over Texas, and spent one year living in The Netherlands traveling Europe.  I love the varieties of food that different cities and countries can bring to life.  Experiencing a new culture for me starts first with tasting it.  I think my travels consist mostly of walking from one meal to another!  Here is the blog that I had while living there: http://www.jessyealexandra.wordpress.com

I have been cooking my entire life, and absolutely love being in the kitchen trying new recipes and ingredients.  Food is my art form; I love cooking with colors and focusing on presentation just as much as taste… After all, you eat with your eyes first!

I have many aspirations as a writer including a successful blog, being a restaurant critic, writing the cookbook my grandmother always wanted, traveling the world, writing about cultures and their food, and so many more!

So join me for a Taste of Life!  Who knows where life will take us, but it will be an adventure!



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