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Sweating the heat of fall in Texas? Cool down with granita.

Granita is no longer just for palate cleansing between dishes 12-course dinner parties; it is the sophisticated, adult deconstructed pop-sickle! Or at least we can pretend… J Serve this to your guests at your next dinner party or backyard BBQ, and everyone will be making “yummy noises” while get away with taking all the credit for a “fancy dish” that is a synch to make!

I received a cantaloupe in my local CSA box from Johnson’s Backyard Garden, and I knew it would be one of the last melons for a while, so I wanted to let it shine and make it a celebration…. This cantaloupe granita was the perfect match. An ode to the fancy, with all the ease of a weeknight meal…. Mmmm!

In the fall, we are embracing the pumpkin and squash that are in full bloom, but we also get the last glance at the beloved summer melons. So toast to the end of summer with this granita, soon it will be too cold for anything frozen! Enjoy!


Cantaloupe Granita

Time: 1hr Serves: 8

-1 cup of water

-3/4 cup white sugar

-1 tbls lime juice (1/2 of a lime)

-1tsp lime zest

-1 Cantaloupe, diced small


Bring water to a boil. Add sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved. Allow to cool.

photo 1

Blend cantaloupe with lime juice until smooth.

Combine sugar water, cantaloupe puree, and lime zest.

Put mixture into a small baking dish and freeze until frozen.

photo 2

Using a small spoon, scrap granita into serving glasses.


photo 4