While visiting my best friend for the weekend in Austin, Texas, my tasted buds fell in love with the Hillside Farmacy in East Austin.

This very hipster eatery was the perfect brunch spot on my way out of town Sunday. As to be expected any and everywhere in the ever booming populous city if Austin, there was a wait for a table… But not to fear! This manageable wait time flew by with the help of and eclectic group of people watching, and the BEST Bloody Mary a girl could ask for! Served in a mason jar, this Bloody Mary was chalk full of spices and ingredients to wake up your taste buds for the meal to come! Banana peppers, pickled red onion, green olives, lemon, & a celery stalk made this cocktail just as gorgeous to look at as it was to drink!

photo 3

I’ll apologize now for the slightly blurry picture, but you cannot imagine how excited I was about this drink!!  Surprised I managed to snap a picture at all before diving in!

And when I say people watching, I really mean food watching! Every plate coming out of the kitchen was beautiful and curious at the same time. We could not wait to be seated with menus in hand to decipher what magical dishes we had seen actually were!

As, we were seated, conversation pulled as well all dove into our menus… What would we get???! Although, the menu is not huge, it is deep, full of flavors and tough decisions. When we asked our waitress for suggestions, she said the biscuits & gravy (which I had been eyeing like a hawk!), were delicious fresh-baked with green onions that gave them a unique burst of flavor. And oh man was she right!!! Three out of four of us ordered the biscuits & gravy with a side of extra crispy bacon of course, and it was to die for. Unanimous votes for the Best Biscuits & Gravy EVER!!!! Seriously, it’s a must order! The sausage gravy is fresh and not too thick as you seem to find all too often at brunch time. (Isn’t that the worst??? You’re so looking forward to a delicious dish, and the gravy is already congealed by the time it gets to your plate??? Ugh, no thank you!) You will not find any such failure at the Hillside Farmacy. The gravy is smooth and delicious to the very last bite.

photo 5

The fourth companion to our brunch party ordered the breakfast sandwich… it was on top of the drooling list as we were watching plates coming out of the kitchen.  Layered between two pieces of toast was a fried egg, avocado, sprouts, bacon, aioli, and a FRIED GREEN TOMATO!!!  Yes, you heard it right! Crunchy, savory, crisp, creamy… what a perfect breakfast sandwich!! Just picture how beautiful it was!  Well, I won’t make you picture too hard.  🙂

photo 4





So, if the drool on your face isn’t enough motivation already, please heed my advice and make sure to add the Hillside Farmacy to your list of things to do and eat night time you’re in Austin, Texas!  You won’t be disappointed!

photo 1 Could you imagine a better brunch??? 🙂

Oh, and did I forget to mention that they are open for lunch a dinner during the week as well??  And have an oyster bar!  I have only had brunch there so far, but I know I will be back!!!  YUM!


No. 1209 East 11th St., Austin, Texas, 78702 — 512-628-0168


Hours: 9a-10p sun-wed, 9-11 thurs-sat