Looking for a place to grab your daily coffee where you’ll be known by name rather than your drink order? Check out Aspen’s Brew, and discover what an exceptional experience grabbing coffee can be.


Aspen’s is located on the corner of a strip center on the busy intersection of I-10 and Huebner Rd. Being the only coffee house in an area of small shops and restaurants, it offers something unique for those driving through the area.

Since 2006, Aspen’s Brew coffee house has been family owned and operated with grandma’s coffee cake recipe, and a namesake that honors their late golden retriever, Aspen. Family extends right into the business concept that owner, Kim Montgomery, portrays to her customers. Kim views her coffee house as an extension of her home and welcomes in the public as an extension of her family.

The warm, modern colors and the soft coffee house music ensure it’s a hip, new place for college students and businessmen to gather for work or meetings. The few tables surrounded by grandfather chairs encourage friends and family to gather, stay, and relax while enjoying their coffee.

Aspen’s Brew offers seven varieties of micro-roasted coffee from Dillano’s Coffee Roasters in Sumner, WA. Dillano’s sources its coffee from countries worldwide in support of the One Harvest Project (www.oneharvestproject.com), which creates a sustainable connection between farmer and customer. Micro-roasting coffee ensures an even roast and maximum flavor by only roasting in batches less than 150 pounds and cooling with air rather than water.

You will also find a variety of espresso drinks, teas, and smoothies. The customer favorite white chocolate mocha is frothy and sweet with a bold coffee jolt that washes over your tongue and brings a smile to your lips. Espresso drinks also have a chilly side in Aspen’s Mountain Blenders and iced coffees. For the caffeine free moments in the day, Aspen’s Orange Dream smoothie is sure to bring out the kid in you.

At Aspen’s, all pastries including muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls, and croissants are made fresh daily and warrant their elevated status. Flaky, golden croissants hum as their warmth lures you in immediately. Shining with luscious glaze, the pecan sticky bread gives away its deliciousness before the first bite. Savory, hand-rolled jalapeno kolaches will give your morning a kick-start in the right direction.

Another customer favorite, are homemade bagels that are sliced, toasted, and slathered with cream cheese. Allowing you to get on with your day without having to go through the painful ritual of attempting to spread cream cheese on a bagel with a flimsy plastic knife – a torment everyone can relate to.

While on the topic of plastic utensils, if you stay and eat at Aspen’s, your yummy treats will be served with plastic utensils on mismatched boldly colored plates. This minor oversight offers a distraction from your taste buds and disconnect from the family comfort vibe flowing through the coffee house. Although hard to overlook, it’s definitely not a deal breaker.

So if you’re planning an early morning office meeting, give Kim a call, and Aspen’s Brew will take care of everything. As Kim says, “my job is to make yours easy.” Customize your order to include your favorite items on the menu, or choose from the multiple tray options. Your order will be delivered to your office before the meeting with goodies still warm from the oven!


11255 Huebner Rd. Suite #100, San Antonio, Texas 78230 – 210-561-5551


Hours: 6am-7pm Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm Sat, 8am-7pm Sun

Price: $2-$5 coffee, $2-$5 pastries